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  • Graham, David C. missionary
  • Miao
  • Meo (Indic people)
  • Agriculture -- swidden
  • Crops -- rice cultivation
  • Villages -- Meo
  • Shamans -- exorcism -- Meo
  • Sacrifice -- water buffalo -- Meo
  • Funerals -- Meo
  • Musical instruments -- flutes -- Meo
  • Anthropometry -- on the Meo
  • Language and culture
  • China
  • Szechwan, China
  • Asia
  • Motion pictures (visual works)
    Ch'uan Miao Hill People of Western China ca. 1936
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    Graham, David C. missionary
    Ch'uan Miao Hill People of Western China ca. 1936
    Phy. Description: 
    reference one video cassette (14 minutes) silent b&w 3/4 inch
    master one video cassette (14 minutes) silent b&w 3/4 inch
    archival original one film reel (450 feet) silent b&w 16mm
    Digital Reference: 
    Video clip Video clip
    Footage shot in southwestern China while Graham was curator of the West China Union Museum of Archeology, Art, and Ethnology at Chengtu. Film documents various customs of the Ch'uan Miao hill people (more commonly known as the Ch'uang Meo) in the villages of Chou Chia Keo and Wang Wu Chai near the borders of Szechwan, Kweichow, and Yunnan provinces. Documentation includes: children and adults in a Miao yard; a <do nun> (shaman) conducting a ceremony to exercise demons; a <mo> (priest) conducting part of a funeral ceremony accompanied by an assistant playing a <liu shen> (six-tubed wind instrument); a trek to a Miao village led by Graham and two legions of school children; Graham's medical associates, W.R. Morse and Gordon Agnew, taking anthropometric measurements and making dental observations of villagers; group shots of Miao women and girls; a village do nun using divining sticks and performing an exorcism; and a funeral ceremony for one of the village women which involves sacrifice of a water buffalo and procession of the coffin. Footage forms part of the U.S. National Museum Division of Ethnology, Manuscript and Pamphlet File, National Anthropological Archives.
    General Note: 
    Title supplied by Archives staff (unpublished work)--archival collection
    Funding Note: 
    Cataloging supported by Smithsonian Institution Women's Committee
    Information on reproduction and fees available from Human Studies Film Archives
    Meo (Indic people)
    Agriculture -- swidden -- Szechuan, China
    Crops -- rice cultivation -- Szechuan, China
    Villages -- Meo -- Szechuan, China
    Shamans -- exorcism -- Meo -- Szechuan, China
    Sacrifice -- water buffalo -- Meo -- Szechuan, China
    Funerals -- Meo -- Szechuan, China
    Musical instruments -- flutes -- Meo -- Szechuan, China
    Anthropometry -- on the Meo -- Szechuan, China
    Language and culture
    Subject - Geographical: 
    Szechwan, China
    Form / Genre: 
    Motion pictures (visual works)
    Repository Loc: 
    Human Studies Film Archives, Smithsonian Museum Support Center, Suitland, MD
    Local Number: 
    HSFA 83.13.1
    Item Information
    RepositoryCall No. 
    Human Studies Film ArchivesHSFA 83.13.1Add Copy to MyList

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