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  • Gwinn Aircar Co
  • Aeronautics
  • Aeronautics, Commercial
  • Gwinn, Joseph M., Jr.
  • Hawks, Frank
  • Love, Nancy
  • Gwinn Aircar Co
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    Gwinn Aircar Drawings, 1936-1937
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    Gwinn Aircar Co
    Gwinn Aircar Drawings, 1936-1937
    Phy. Description: 
    2.18 cubic feet (2 records center boxes)
    Bio / His Notes: 
    The Gwinn Aircar Company of Buffalo, NY was formed in 1935 by Joseph M Gwinn, Jr, former Chief Engineer at Consolidated Aircraft Corporation. The 'Aircar' was designed as a 'foolproof' airplane that would be simple and, above all, safe to fly since it would neither stall nor spin. The aircraft first flew in early 1937 and received Civil Aeronautics Authority Approved Type Certificate 682. Gwinn hired Frank Hawks, racing pilot and record setter, and Nancy Love, another famous pilot, to tour the country demonstrating the aircraft. On 23 August 1938, Hawk failed to clear high tension power lines while taking off in the Aircar and was killed in the resulting crash. Gwinn suspended production and closed the Aircar plant.
    This collection consists of drawings of the Gwinn Aircar. It includes engineering and production drawings for the aircraft.
    No restrictions on access
    Aeronautics, Commercial -- United States
    Gwinn, Joseph M., Jr.
    Hawks, Frank
    Love, Nancy
    Gwinn Aircar Co
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    Repository Loc: 
    National Air and Space Museum, Archives Division, MRC 322, Washington, DC, 20560
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    National Air & Space Museum ArchivesXXXX-0064Add Copy to MyList

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