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    Orbiting Solar Observatory (OSO) Collection [Werner M. Neupert ]
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    Neupert, Werner
    Orbiting Solar Observatory (OSO) Collection [Werner M. Neupert ]
    Phy. Description: 
    2.18 cubic feet (2 record center boxes)
    Bio / His Notes: 
    Werner M. Neupert is known for his contributions to the fields of solar physics and spectroscopy. While at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's Goddard Space Flight Center, Neupert was an essential part of the US Orbiting Solar Observatory (OSO) program. This program launched a series of eight satellites between 1962 and 1971 to collect data on the sun and to study solar flares. (The "Neupert Effect" of solar flares is named for Werner Neupert.)
    This collection consists Werner Neupert's files and collection of publications relating to the Orbiting Solar Observatories and and the experiments associated with each. Much of the collection documents artifacts in the collection of the National Air and Space Museum, transferred from NASA by Neupert. Included are a loose-leaf notebook of charts and graphs detailing the "Bendix Electron Multiplier Tests," a loose-leaf reproduction of the June 1957 SID 66-1338-7 "Appendix 7: Ion Chambers for Detection of Vacuum Ultraviolet Radiation;" publications by contractor Ball Brothers Research Corporation; minutes of NASA's Solar Physics Subcommittee of the Space Science Steering Committee; a binder of the 1962 ZETA Command Schedule and data; the original stenographic transcript of the 14 March 1963 NASA Satellite Symposium (with lantern slides); and miscellaneous material that includes original strip chart recordings of OSO-1 telemetry. Reports found in this collection include: Appraisal and Recommendations on the Orbiting Solar Observatory Program from NASA's Office of Space Science and Applications, 1968; Space Research: Directions for the Future (Parts 1,2 and 3), published by the Space Science Board, National Academy of Sciences, 1965 and 1966; NASA Reports to the Space Science Board; NASA's America's Next Decades in Space: A Report for the Space Task Group, 1966; Solar Satellite Report from the Harvard College Observatory, 1967; and Goddard Space Flight Center's Twenty-Year Mission Plan.
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    Orbiting Solar Observatory (OSO) Collection [Werner M. Neupert ], Accession 2002-0057, National Air and Space Museum, Smithsonian Institution.
    No restrictions on access.
    Solar activity
    Artificial satellites
    Astronomical spectroscopy
    Orbiting solar observatories
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    National Air and Space Museum, Archives Division, MRC 322, Washington, DC, 20560
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    National Air & Space Museum Archives2002-0057Add Copy to MyList

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